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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

I believe you have discovered a niche subject...Bravo!!

Paul L. Quandt

Thanks for the review. A couple of ( snide ) comments. No one I knew ever ate the chicken loaf, or the track pads. I liked the " old style " MREs, but then I started out on WWII/Korea War C rats. I hope that they still have the peanut butter as well as the cheese spread.

Anyway, thanks again for the review, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Paul L. Quandt


What does the Army use for carrying water when wearing a rucksack? That Camelback(?) thing doesn't look like it will fit too well with a rucksack. And it only carries 3 liters.

Back in the good ol' days our basic load of water was 4 qts., and most of us would have carried more if we could have gotten more canteens. They did come out with a 2 qt. canteen but it was a POS and rapidly became unpopular. The seams would start leaking after about a week. When the Army started packing 81 mm. mortar rounds in plastic containers we tried using them to carry water, but the plastic taste was too bad.


I don't know what "track pads" are, but I ate the chicken loaf in the early MREs, as well as the Ham and Turkey Loaf. Can't say I had a problem with any of them, but my taste buds liked Ham and Lima Beans in C rats. :-)


I hated the water from the plastic canteens. I guess I'd have gotten used to it after awhile, but I managed to find an old Steel Canteen and used it instead.


Wow! Somebody else actually liked Ham and MFs? I still do, and occasionally I will cook a batch and try to recreate that ol' time C rat flavor. Without quite as much grease, of course, in deference to my skilled team of medical professionals.

The good thing about liking unpopular items like H&MFs or apricots is that it gives you great negotiating power when planning your menu.

Paul L. Quandt


Track pads were some kind of beef patty, as I recall. I don't believe I sampled them more than once. As we were mechanized, I always brought enough snacks and stuff to see me through a bad MRE or two.



I can't believe i just watched you eat an MRE... The ravioli is actually one of my favorites, but they've all come a long way from the old dark brown bag meals we started with. The corn nuggets are also good but i dont go for the osmotic elements.
I enjoyed the suspense of knowing that you were going to discover the same old heater once you got the bag opened. The heater is pretty good; you have to move quickly to get the whole thing into the box before it gets too hot. Best thing is if you knead the bag while it heats to spread the heat evenly.


"the old dark brown bag meals we started with"

Would that be what we used to call "LRRP rations"? Dehydrated, just add water and stir. No heater included. They were a hard to get treat way back when. Not great, the main appeal was that they were just different.


No, this would be the 1st generation of MREs, with the 12 menus that were in use up until the late 1980s.


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