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Captain Ned

I sure hope there's some high-grade hearing protection in the gunner's helmet.

LT Rusty

... I wonder why it doesn't determine own / target elevation? GPS should provide own elevation almost by default, and then if you've already got target azimuth and relative elevation, it's yet one more incredibly simple calculation to get the target's *actual* elevation.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

I've been on record as saying I love "boom." TOW is to me "Boom" that happens a long way away and leaves a smoking MBT hulk...love "boom."


Pretty sure I could bring my tank out of defilade, kill one enemy tank, back down into defilade, reload, come back up and kill a second tank within that missile's time of flight. Certainly so for the longer range shots. (Note, my loader consistently loaded in less than 4 seconds.)
Regardless, I do like and value the TOW immensely.

Paul L. Quandt

This clip caused me to wonder why targets often seem to be named Will.

Paul L. Quandt


Where was this shot ? Sure looks like Ft. Riley terrain and February weather.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

@Esli...noted. Smiley face.

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