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R Brown

This is why NCO's drink. As for the counseling report, he's not gonna want to do that. Because it's gonna go up the chain of command, bot the officer and NCO lines, and both sides are gonna call him in to ask "WTF?" Back in 1983 or so, I was a SSG at Ft. Gordon, and the school regiment. had Interior Security guards, consisting of 2 SSG's walking around from 6pm to midnight doing security rounds. Making sure the CQ's and runners were awake, and the buildings hadn't been stolen by the students. We had finished and were getting ready to turn in the ubiqutious clip boards to the BN SDNCO, when we decided to check the picnic area under some scrub trees over by the parade ground. Walking around we found a pile of student handouts propped up against a tree, and ran our flashlights around looking for a source, and didn't see anything. We heard a rustle of leaves and looked up, in the tree was a Private. Using language to hasten his exit of the tree, we braced the student and asked politely "WTF were you doing in a tree?" THe student replied that he just got off nite class, and decided he wanted to climb a tree. We (the Security team)looked at each other, looked back at the student and suggestsed in a nice NCO manner that he get his fundament back to his company, and never EVER do that again. We then went to the BN HQ, and turned in our paperwork on our tour, and told the BNSDNCO about our tree squirrel, and he agreed that it would be prudent not to write up a report. The Post SGM was a true arsehole, He'd been a SGM since the late 60's, and usually came in EVERY day at 6am and read all the MP reports, battalion and regimental overnight logs, and usually called a unit directly to tell them their 'police call' are was filthy ang get their barracks troops out there and do a police call.

With a report like "BN Security patrol found a student sitting in a tree at 11:45pm." would get him to have the team sgts, the BNSDNCO, THE CQ (of the student's co)along with his 1st Sgt, Regimental SDNCO, and everyone else he could think of in his office at 8AM for a chewing session.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Too funny. Point of fact the PVT/PFC/SPC did park his XL vehicle in an appropriate place.

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