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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

I'm feelin' motivated after that viewing!SFC Dunlap 173d


We didn't get to wear those cool Tanker suits while I was in. This is so unjust.

Eric The OC tanker

We had the CVCU's. but, could only use them during level I gunnery. NOMEX, nice and baggy with a ton of zippered pockets. and a trap door to boot.

Captain Ned

Is that a pair of Deuces up top or has some mad munitions guy thrown a 25mm up there?


The Tank Commander (TC) has an M2 .50cal at his hatch (on the right, facing the front of the turret). The loader, to the TC's left, has an M240 7.62mm.

Speaking of the 25mm, one reason the M1 has a massive 4000 round magazine for it's coaxial M240 is that the space was originally intended to mount a coaxial 25mm M242. Eventually, that was deleted to save about $100,000 per tank.


The tank carries just under 11,000 rounds of 7.62. But true that they considered a 25mm coax. They also considered a MK19 instead of a .50 cal. Would have been some significant stowage problems.

What i miss the most from my command is shooting. This video reminds me why! I had a plan to make the ultimate video during my last gunnery but it fell through. It involved the knocking down of trees and unmanned cameras placed downrange of firing tanks.

Paul L. Quandt

Way cool video, thanks.

Paul L. Quandt

Captain Ned

XBradTC & Esli, thank you. I grew up as an Air Force brat (Dad did ROTC requirement in a missile silo in Kansas) so those finer points of ground combat units are things I need to learn the hard way.

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