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Angelo Codevilla: "Is he an admiral’s son, whose misdeeds are being buried as was John McCain’s responsibility in 1967 for starting the fire that killed 137 men on the USS Forrestal by giving his airplane’s engine a flaming “wet” start?"

I do not understand this claim, which I have recently seen in e-mailings as well. I think the story about McCain causing the Forrestal disaster is incorrect. The Wikipedia article about the 1967 Forrestal incident has a diagram of the spotted aircraft on the flight deck at the time of the conflagration and if the diagram is correct, McCain's A-4 is on the port side aft on the deck edge. His aircraft is oriented so that its exhaust is pointed out to sea. The ZUNI that fired is supposedly on an F-4B on the opposite (starboard) deck side, so I cannot see how any "Flaming 'wet' start" (whatever that is) of the A-4's J52 could have initiated a ZUNI launch. I understand that ZUNIs had a checkered safety record in any event.


Perhaps the Wiki diagram is not accurate. I don't have the Freeman book on the incident but I think the story is a military "urban legend."


Supposedly these incidents (including disasters on Oriskany and Enterprise) helped motivate the Insensitive Munitions Program for the Navy.


CTII Raven

Some brain deads on that site - as for The Forrestal incident, the "stories" are pure, unadulterated 100% Bull Shit

LT Rusty

dhmosquito- ORISKANY's fire had nothing to do with HERO or anything. It was a flare whose pin got pulled without anyone noticing, and then tossed into a locker.

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