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When I think about my many years working with what some call "ethnic' peoples, with few exceptions, the rest of them will create as big a disaster in the US as happened in Zimbabwe and other places without us terrible "whites".


The left has gone insane. The facts matter not. All that matters is their fantasies.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

@QM - totally agree

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

...and is it me or does the taliban look like Jerry Colona (Bob Hope sidekick), in a green turban. Just sayin'.

Paul L. Quandt

Thanks for a thoughtful post.

Paul L. Quandt

Steven Vina

What is the source for your statement that more blacks fought for the South than the North. I would love to site that as it turns so many sacred cows on their heads.


@Steven Vina,

James MacPherson provides the number of 10,000 black combat troops under arms out of 60,000 that served in the Confederate Army officially. This number is almost certainly low, as there are anecdotal accounts of blacks serving alongside whites in Rebel forces since the war began. While technically illegal, the accounts remain, and are far to numerous to be discounted.

While the Union had a large number of what became "US Colored Troops", the numbers allowed to serve in combat were a small fraction of that. Few of the USCT regiments were allowed to serve in combat, though the famous action at Battery Wagner depicted in the movie is certainly one of them. The 54th Massachusetts mustered less than a thousand there, however. The Crater at Petersburg is another noteworthy action. The USCTs fought heroically, though often handicapped by abysmal officer leadership. But even the in the famous battle at Petersburg, Ferraro's Division only comprised a few thousand men. The overwhelming majority of USCTs were employed in support, guard, stevedore, and non-combat duties. This was even true of units raised and equipped for combat.

The March 1865 Confederate authorization for 300,000 black troops to be mustered into service was never implemented because Lee surrendered a few weeks later. But it is interesting that the South was almost as willing (perhaps more at the end of the war) to allow black soldiers to fight as was the North.

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