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Good music to match that video, what is it with some armies goose-stepping? Prove the power of government to their people? Show unit training and cohesion? What? Just looks asinine to me, IMO.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Brilliant stroke adding the BeeGees music!!! Fun watch at the DPRK's expense.

Paul L. Quandt

Once again, I second SFC Dunlap's comment. Thanks for the post/laughs.

Paul L. Quandt

Ron Snyder

Excellent match


An oldie, but goodie. Not to mention bloody funny.

@0:36 had sooo much fun watching the medals bounce up & down...


"Stayin' Alive." Good choice, given the political climate of the NORKs.

I've never understood "Parade step" either. It increases the noise generated by marching, which may be the point. Otherwise, pointless.

Captain Ned

Only thing missing is the paint can and the double slice pizza.

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