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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

M-1 Carbine clip????

Captain Ned

That's what I thought as well, but the M1 Carbine was a pure single-stack box magazine weapon. You could reload it with a stripper clip, but it never took an en-bloc clip like that one.


Looks like some jackass stuffed Carbine ammo in a Garand clip. I mean...they're both M1's, right....???


Concur with Rocketguy.

Eric Wilner

Definitely Carbine ammunition in a Garand clip.
Question is... does this make it a "high-capacity ammunition feeding device" in some jurisdictions, even if there's no weapon that can use it this way?


In response to Eric Wilner, that's never stopped the CA AG from trying.

Captain Ned

Ran the cartridge dimensions. If it was a straight stack of 6, it wouldn't fit (roughly 5.25). However, if you look closely you can see they're offset a bit, which could easily make up the difference. Still, the last 2 were probably a bitch to get in there.

LT Rusty

Eric- technically, no, it doesn't, because it's not designed to hold >10 rounds. Sort of like how a 10-round .50 Beowulf magazine isn't a high-cap mag in CA, either.

(Though, I do strongly suggest that you have a .50 Beowulf upper if you try that trick.)

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