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The usual suspects are LIESPLAINING
But, it is clear that the RAT Mayor, and likely his deputy, ordered the police to stand down. And the usual BEFUDDLED! quest to find who responsible; Jesus, who the hell do they THINK tells the Police Chief and/or Commissioner what to do??
God almighty


It appears that the Governor, Terry McAuliffe, Butt boy of the Clintons, planned the outcome. The Antifa Nazis were bussed in, and McAuliffe proclaimed the emergency a bit after 11. The Police appear to have been ordered to stand down, and the national Guard did nothing as well.

If orders were given and protection of the Alt-Right protesters was denied by the stand down order, then the Police and whoever gave the order have committed a Federal Felony. I don't look for Sessions, however, to do anything.

ron snyder

Well said Sir. I concur with everything you said, though I have to agree with QM that the DOJ will probably not do an investigation.


I keep wondering when the camel will have enough to break it back? What will finally set off America into stopping the libturds that are causing all these problems in this country? Who will have to die before enough is enough from these libturds? When will we finally storm the castles that need storming to stop this crap? Who will finally bring the rails, rope, tar, feathers and the FIRE?

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