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So it sounds like this was your favorite of the meals you've tried so far? Also, given it is hard to come by in the US, what was your source? Very interesting!


It was, so far.

As for acquiring them, just keep refreshing on eBay.


Do you need me to make a run across the border?
Give me coords.....I'll find that Poutine pack.
Not sure how that would taste though.

I enjoy every vid,

But the MOD may still be coming after you

Paul L. Quandt

Thanks for the post. I've enjoyed all of your ration videos in this series.

Paul L. Quandt

R Brown

http://www.worldwar1.com/dbc/mead_fff.htm click on

Doughboys cookbook:


Why americans probably hate canned salmon so much.


SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Your "lead in" music is great...so "Leave It to Beaver/Donna Reed Show-esq." great table cloth (early G-12 cargo canopy twill), and all of the meals reviewed thus far are visually enhanced by utilizing the shiniest mess hall tray I've ever seen!!! Don't stop this series!!!!


Could it be that your "napkin" was so sturdy because it was designed for another use? A bit later in the digestive process?

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