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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

How about the Army's "The Big Picture" for advertising.


The 5"/54 shoot was quite familiar. I worked with the Gunner's Mates and keeping status watch mostly. We worked on the Mk 42 for a couple weeks to fix all the gremlins. On our second cruise we did a shoot in which we fired 12 or 15 rounds, and the CO was pretty happy, because the gun mount hadn't fired more than a few without breaking in a long time.

We did a bunch of ASW training for Sonarmen off Hatteras, and skirted a hurricane for a few days. The seakeeping qualities of the Knox-class frigates were, umm, suboptimal.

George V

Ah, the Navy of the 1970's! Sideburns!! Mustaches!! Beards!! That's the problem with today's Navy. Not enough hair!!!!


URR, that was optimal sea keeping for a DE. We got used to it. You Marines just have it much too easy.

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