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Jay in Ames

The last line, nice.


One can always hope he finds himself in the company of some Marines, and just happens to slip and fall. Several dozen times. On concrete. At significantly more than 1G acceleration. It happens.


"Which, I don't want the services policing the troops political thought. Neither do you."

Depends on the "you". Certainly, Missy Mullen did. As did Dempsey. Training provided with DoD dollars extolling the hazards of "white privilege" certainly would indicate others did, too.

And I seem to remember being asked, as recently as 2016, whether I advocated or associated with groups that believed in the violent overthrow of the US Government. It would seem the Communists might qualify. Though, had the election gone the other way, it would have been the NRA and American Legion...


"Oh, and since he's currently in Ranger School, there's a very good chance he has no idea of the social media shitstorm surrounding him."

Then imagine the look on his face as he receives his orders after the graduation ceremony. Hopefully it's something like Laundry and Morale Officer, Adak Alaska. Maybe OIC Base Sanitation, Ultima Thule. Inventory Control Officer 1001st Field Sanitary Facilities Detachment (Airmobile).


How is it good for an organization, particularly one charged with protecting the USA, to allow someone in whose beliefs are at odds, complete odds and opposites, to what the USA stands for? Can he be trusted with secrets? I don't care if he's open about it, he's a problem. I feel and believe the same about communists and the leftists/fascists generally in this country. Believe what they want, they don't belong in government or positions of trust important to the USA. We are not members of a suicide pact called the Constitution....it cannot be allowed to be abused in that manner.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

I just have to believe that MAJ Richard E. Dunlap USMA '47 is turning in his grave.


...And in case anyone advocates for someone holding political/religious beliefs antithetical to our Constitution and our Republic, I submit Major Nidal Hasan, United States Army.

Grump Wagon

The kid's Dad disavows his politics, says he changed after the returned from Afghanistan.

Here's a link to several stories on the new 2LT: http://dailycaller.com/buzz/spenser-rapone/

USMC Steve

I think it would be funny as hell to revert him to enlisted, take his commission, and make him be an enlisted Marxist. Apparently the dolt didn't notice that COMMUNISM ALREADY LOST.


The navy hit on recruits with high GT scores to go to Canoe U when I was in during the early 70s. I was one that got hit on.

I find this story a bit strange. Admiral Nimitz daughter had a mere flirtation with communism while in College and couldn't get a security clearance later. She ended up working at RAND Corp instead of FedGov, but it took a year to get her cleared to work there.

When the paper work for my Navy enlistment was being drawn up, I was asked if i belonged to a laundry list of organizations, one of which was the Commie Party. If I answered yes to anyone of them, it was an auto DQ.

I later asked the XO on Courtney what would happen if said I belonged to Klan. He said it would be OK as long as I wore black robes when I was on watch at night.

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