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Yup, we're involved....


If she needs to call HR, he'll take the call...

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Didn't the CIC point out that PR is an island and thus we can't just drive trucks in from other states. F&$;ing libtards.

USMC Steve

Sure, now the Puerko Ricans want the US military there. Not too long ago they wanted us gone, but wanted to keep all those nice green dollars. I am the last one someone would call a nice person, so I will just say I have zero interest in what happens in that socialist democrat wonderland. They have voted against statehood like three times that I can recall, so I have no problem with them being the ass end of the supply line until after real Americans in Florida and Texas are good to go.


As Americans that pay *some* taxes, they deserve Federal support to rebuilt infrastructure to keep it as close to a first-world environment as pre-storm PR. Beyond that, however, I agree with you. I too am not considered a "nice" person by those outside my family. Must be a Marine thing. :)


After reading claims that the local truckers union was holding up relief efforts with increased salary demands, I Googled "Puerto Rico" and got nothing but vilification of Trump. Then I tried "Puerto Rico relief effort" and got nearly the same thing.

Apparently they're more interested in dogging Trump than reporting actual events.

So where are the reporters? What kind of progress have we seen in terms of road clearing? Ditto for electricity & water.

I have yet to see a single article discussing the challenges faced by the relief agencies on the island, or any serious discussions on how a feeble infrastructure before the hurricane affected relief efforts.

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