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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Always liked the Fiat G-91 in a F-86 kinda way. Mayheps the Army should have been left to do their own CAS but for that pesky Key West thing.

George V

I got a ride once in the back seat of a T-38 in VF-43, the East coast Navy aggressor squadron for air combat training. The T-38 was built off the F-5. What a little hot rod it was. It had a relatively high takeoff and landing speed and the cockpit is close to the ground relative to the other jets the Navy flew at the time. Screaming down the runway at 150 knots with the perception that your backside is about to slide along the pavement makes you want to... go down the runway screaming!


I loved the T-38.

Lemay was AFCS at the time and the Admin wanted him to sell the thing, and he refused, calling it a second line fighter. Chuck Yeager liked the thing better than the F-4.

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