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A bunch of spoiled brats. I refuse to watch them, or buy their junk anymore.


Fuck. Them. All.

If we have a racial problem in the US, lets make it a *real* racial problem and be done with it. I"m sick of this horseshit.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Agree with all of your points without hesitation. I might add that when it comes to utopia, if the Shakers couldn't do it I dare say no modern human(s) can. Last night I watched a documentary on a river in Ireland, NOT the Sunday night NFL game.

Roger Smith

This one goes into the keeper file. It's Trump clear. Even the self appointed savior of the known universe and beyond would get it. Begrudgingly.

Thanks for posting it, Roger

Paul L. Quandt

Thank you for a most excellent post.

Paul L. Quandt

Eric The OC tanker

Those 'people' are not worthy of the menial task of trimming the grass around the white marble head stones in any National Cemetery with scissors.


Very well put, Colonel!


Bravo, Bravo, Bravo for your remarks.

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