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tier 3 sealclubber...


you asked about where to start in the WoWs base. I think the docks might be a logical place to start. You only have to build 4, then maybe the research? have more to build to cover all the options.

CTII Raven

You shoot like me lately


my preference for naval base would be shipyard (6250 oil to complete all), -10% on tier 8s is like permanent ships sale

next step would be docks, 18k oil to complete all, will help keeing those tier 8s running profit

finally research facilities, they give only +3% xp so not big gain, and you can focus on few nations you actively pursue, at 2k per nation it is capped at 14k oil per full set

extra HQ capacity will pay itself off eventually but at 20k is so costly

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