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I will be surprised, shocked, actually, if time served and a DD are all he gets. Given other died trying to find him, under the impression he was captured, I can't see him getting off that lightly when he has the blood of other troops on his hands.

Having said that, I don't see him taking Bradley Manning's slot at Leavenworth for life either, although he certainly deserves it.

Jeff Gauch

How about we give him an M9, drop him off in the Middle East, and tell him to not come back until he's got the 5 terrorists Barry the Simple traded for him?

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

What Quartermaster said....


You say "...time served" - last I read he was never in jail. What time has he served?


Yanno, Krag, you're right. I was under the impression that Bergdahl had been under some sort of detainment after he got back. I could find no record of this in his Wiki article, but the did mention the Army provided a guard in case other soldiers decided to attack him. Can't imagine why they would want to do that {/sarc}.

Additionally, Wiki mentions his awards, which include the CIB & Good Conduct Medal. Really!?

...Perhaps they are going to count the time spend with the Taliban as imprisonment...


RE: "...Perhaps they are going to count the time spend with the Taliban as imprisonment..."

I have no doubt some lawyer will try that argument, or that his entire time in the Army should be included in "time served".

SoCal Pir8

Here's a thought. Back in the day, years and years ago, there was a tv show, Branded, starring Chuck Connors. He was court-martialed out of the cavalry. (He was falsely accused of course, which is not the case here.) After the proceeding, he was marched out of the fort, stripped of all signs his military service and sent off into the desert, unarmed and alone. Why not take this POS and drum him out the same way (AFTER he serves 20 years or so.) in the middle of the Afgan mountains.

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