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Captain Ned

New? Try to sell that to the bubble-heads. We've been using opposed-piston designs on subs since WWII.


George V

This may work - there have been some successful opposed piston designs. The diesel subs of the US fleet used Fairbanks-Morse opposed piston diesel engines. According to Wikipedia a variant of the engine is still used on US nuclear subs.

The Fairbanks-Morse engine was also used in that company's diesel locomotives after the war. They were not as successful as the other major competitors of the day. I vaguely recall reading that maintenance was more difficult than on locomotive engines with a traditional cylinder hear, and that reliability suffered in a railroad environment as opposed to more steady state marine operations.


Much-needed. Would be nice to up-engine a Brad to where it could almost keep up with an Abrams again. Yea, i said almost. I've beaten every Brad I've raced.

LT Rusty

Navy still uses opposed-piston diesels in a LOT of places, and has for a very long time. As George V mentioned, the old diesel boats used them, and even current nuke boats use them for the emergency generator. They're in plenty of other places as well.


"The Advanced Combat Engine (ACE)"

Really? A "Combat" engine? "Advanced Diesel Engine" not virile enough? Shouldn't that have been in Bold type? With an exclamation point?

Makes me want to just crawl into a corner with my Combat! Woobie.



It will be paired with the Advanced Noncombat Engine which will be used most of the time...

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