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Homecoming weekend, and Heffington's class reunion this weekend as well. I understand he is not currently registered to attend.

Jaedo Drax

I look at this letter, and I see a bunch of misdirection, obfuscation, and a lack of accountability to the problem at hand.

If someone would be so kind as to explain how West Point used it's "developmental model" to graduate an avowed communist? Who guided this soldier to "excellence" in communism? How many other members hold similar views?

At this point, it's blatantly obvious that this needs to be investigated by an outside party, to determine where the breakdown was, and how to prevent it in the future.

Martin 'Marty' Maher

Amid the chaff and flares popped in the letter to the Long Gray Line, I note the singular important point that the 2016 cumulative GPA at West Point was 3.02, barely a "B" average?? Seems incredulous to me, given the prestige of the USMA.

What was the historical annual cumulative GPA at West Point under the "attritional model"? This new "developmental model" seems rather inadequate if we assume there is roughly an equivalent number of cadet students above and below the 3.0 to average so.

And if there are more students above 3.0 than below, as there should be if USMA admissions are rigorous, then it can be assumed there are some pretty egregiously low GPAs being allowed to offset the higher GPA population.

Given the cost of a USMA education, is this "developmental model" providing the best return on investment? Or is it pulling along sub-optimal cadets for political contrivances that result in graduation metrics that include avowed communists as 2LTs in our nation's armed forces?

It would helpful if the Superintendent could elaborate.

Steve Cox

I really doubt that the service acadamies were ever all that significant in turning out professional officers. Massive waste of money is more like it. I served with a total of five ring knockers in the Marine Corps, mostly Prick Factory grads, and not one of them was any better an officer than the mustangs or the PLC officers.


That cadet "snuck through"? My ass. You don't wanna have your integrity questioned, General? Then level with those who hold USMA and its mission sacred. How did that disrespectful, undisciplined, America-hating communist shitbag gain a commission in the United States Army? On your watch?

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