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When I click the link above, all I get is an empty page.
Any suggestions?

George V

I was able to link to the page at Medium.com. There's an entry on Snafu-Solomon's blog about this also. This is scary, even if it's half as bad as LTC Heffington describes. Do any followers of this blog know anything about the current (and maybe previous) Superintendent? If things are this bad at the Point (and maybe the other academies?) I sure hope our SecDef has some cycles to spare for the problem.



Rapone's graduation, and now this letter, make me start to drift towards the tinfoil crowd and wonder if we aren't being actively subverted. Cowardice and incompetence take you only so far, this starts to look like intentional subversion of the US military.


May I offer a simple and effective solution?
- Marcus Licinius Crassus


Very disturbing.


a55hole ossifers creating another generation of a55hole ossifers... this is my surprise face. i'm SO glad i stayed enlisted, and junior enlisted at that.

now, lemme go hug my 20 year letter.


Second worst officer i ever dealt with came from this institution. As did some of the best. As diturbing as the letter is, I'm not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with it, but my guy was, while smart, borderline retarded. I gave him about six months as the leader of one of my 18 platoons to try and improve but finally had to give him the boot and document his performance appropriately. He never should have graduated or been commissioned and it shouldnt have fallen to me to fix his ineptitude.

Much as I disagree with the previous commenter at the shotgun-blast level, both my enlisted time and the performance of clowns like mine argue that there is some merit to it in individual cases.

I will say that of around fifty lieutenants in my BN, maybe 5 come to mind as bad and I had set conditions for all but one of them to not continue in service by the time I left. The rest were on the ball, or at least trainable. Unfortunately, my replacement (also prior enlisted), took over and set a climate such that many sharp officers I had invested two years in training, decided to get out after all. (A mixed bag of USMA, ROTC and a couple of OCS.) Most officers do okay, generally want what is best for their organizations, and provide solid leadership in difficult circumstances. Unfortunately there are also a slice that is inept and/or self-serving.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Damning read. Tragic if true.


LTC Herrington points to the decline about 10 years ago.

If that's true, that's right about at the heart of the manpower crisis the Army was facing from Iraq. It's certainly plausible that the need for junior officers might have led to some slippage of standards.

The problem, of course, is that standards really are the slipperiest of slopes.


" but my guy was, while smart, borderline retarded"

Had the same problem with an ROTC grad, but from below. Fortunately our Company Commander had the guts to force the BC to transfer him before someone got hurt.

I doubt the situation is any worse than it was 30+ years ago. Hopefully it is better, because I saw a boatload of lousy junior officers in my short time in uniform.

D. Domine

As a former enlisted 11B that served with 2AD at Ft. Hood and in Germany; I cannot express how much this article saddens me even if partially accurate. It is bad enough that a red-diapered, doper baby like Rapone was given admission to the USMA let alone graduated, given a commission and allowed to lead troops. If senior leadership at West Point allows the type of behavior described here, it makes me wonder if we are even capable of defending ourselves against a determined enemy.


Enemies foreign AND domestic.

Lots of folks got some 'splainin' to do.

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