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I rode a 747 to Italy when I was on my way to join the ship's company of Courtney in Sep '72. Also rode a 707 on that trip and a DC-9 from Nashville to Orlando for Boot, than again to Providence, RI to go to QM 'A' school at Newport. Rode a DC-8 to and from Germany in '66 and '69, and the USAF version of a DC-6 to and From Germany in my even younger days. Got stops at Goose bay, Gander and Prestwick on those two trips.

I've been privileged to see, and fly on, a lot of commercial aviation history over the last 55 years of my life. I hate to see the 747 go, but it had its day.

Biggest thing I've been on since is a 767 out of SLC to Atlanta in 2008.

Captain Ned

Spring '78 to Paris and back on a school trip. Only time I ever flew in a 747. On the rare occasion I fly these days, it ends up being regional jets or maybe an A320. I've never seen the inside of a 777 or 787 and the chances of me ever riding an A380 roughly track with my chances of winning Powerball.


There's only one Queen, and that's Model 299, AKA the Flying Fortress.

...On the other hand, one may regard Model 707 and her offspring as spiritual descendents of Model 299...

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