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I just watched Gen. Kelly's remarks yesterday that I presume this post is in response to. Hell of a man. He and Mattis speak with the clarity of men that have already made their mark and don't give a damn whether you like what they say - you are going to hear the truth. Reluctant civil servants/politicans, the best kind.


I pray that all this applied to the victims of Fort Hood Terror attack....

Sgt. 1st Class Danny Ferguson
Sgt. Timothy Owens
Staff Sgt. Carlos Alberto Lazaney Rodriguez
Major Libardo Eduardo Caraveo
SSGT Justin Michael DeCrow
Capt John P. Gaffaney
SPC Frederick Greene
SPC Jason Dean Hunt
SSGT Amy Sue Krueger
PFC Aaron Thomas Nemelka
PFC Michael S. Pearson
CAPT Russell Gilbert Seager
PFC Francheska Velez
LTC Juanita L. Warman
PFC Kham See Xiong



A minor quibble. The next of kin is notified by a Casualty Notification Officer. After the initial notification is made, the CNO hands off duties to the Casualty Assistance Officer. The assumption is that the next of kin will not want to spend the next several months working with the person who told them their Soldier died.

No doubt the single hardest duty I have ever had was walking up to the door of the mother of a LTC to tell her that her son had been murdered while giving a safety brief. (Except that the CNO cannot go into those details with the family even if he knows them). It wasn't the notification because the wife had changed her mind and decided to notify the mother herself in the middle of the night, so when myself and the chaplain arrived before sunrise after a couple hour drive, the lights were on, she was up, and life as she knew it had already ended.


A portion of the movie "We Were Soldiers" involved the process of notification of the next of kin; telegrams delivered by taxicab. Seems rather cold now until you realize the only experience the gov't. had back then was with much larger volumes of casualties. If, God forbid, we ever got into another mass casualty situation, the notification process may be forced to return to something like that.

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