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Terry.  pk26 in WOW

As a drill I would cuss recruiters for the crap they would send me, then got assigned to recruiting and realized that in most cases the recruiter did not have a choice. If some dud could pass the test and physical you had to ship. Had a kid come in the station, he was a Bachelor of Science graduate from Rutgers and had me all excited over the prospect of a Cat 1. He scored a “4” on ASVAB. I physically threw him out of my office.


Terry, a BS grad doesn't really mean much. You can get a BS in English. That just means you've taken a bit of what I call "conceptual science" and a bit of math, often Statistics, and the Science is often "Sosh" (Sociology, which isn't really a science the way it's taught). There are a ton of duds out there with A BS. You just scratched the surface, and he was there probably because he couldn't find anything else.

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