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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Day is done Marine, going home. Semper Fidelis Sir and a hearty Airborne!


"They will be missed more than can be measured, as their courage and their honor represent values that are the subject of ridicule and derision, and have been all but drummed out of our social consciousness."

That's aside from the fact that when such virtues are missing from a society, the society crumbles. Alas, the rot is well advanced.


COL Fox,

Was my commanding office at OCS in 1992. I sure hate to see him go. Your tour is over Marine, see you on the Tactical high ground in the sky. You made the Fighting Maine I became Thanks you!!!!!

Mark Goodman

I had the honor of serving with Col Fox. Admired by all, a great human being and a Outstanding Marine.
SF Col Mark Goodman

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