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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

What a steely eyed bullet launcher!!!


Go with the PLDC picture.


Eh, it's been done. Next time, I'll go with my pic of me in my blues. With a mustache!


Not many for me either, and what I did have got it in a fire.

My Granddaughters JAFROTC unit holds an annual Vet's dinner. The Retired AF LTC who is over the program is a grand guy, for an Air Force puke, and the last two speakers he's scheduled were both Army. One an Infantryman in WW2 who was in it from Normandy to VE day. This year's a retired Army Colonel who served in Vietnam and was commissioned from ROTC.

The kids do a great job and us oldsters have a grand time. I even got to tell the old joke about there only being 2 branches of the military to a Marine Aviator and An AF Senior MSgt.

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