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Everything about this article describes me to a T except the dying part. I hate those crappy sound booths where I hear my heart pounding and my neck creaking but not a single beep, chirp, whatever. And I have been told more than once: "Do not push the button unless you hear a sound." I like it even more when it says: "Push the button when you hear a sound." No kidding; I would've pushed the button if I could've heard the sound.


Um, whut?

Paul L. Quandt

Combine redleg hearing with rock and roll and jet aircraft noise and you reach my level of ( not ) hearing.

Paul L. Quandt

Jaedo Drax

I have to say this test isn't the best...

first time I did it, the nurse forgot to make sure the jacks were plugged in correctly, second time when fine, third time after spending 4 years in a railway yard, certain parts of my hearing improved (wtf?)

Angus McThag

I loved it when they were believing the arty types and blowing off us tankers about hearing loss.

My normal hearing is now a high pitched tinnitus with everything else sounding like it's underwater. Except subwoofers, chewing gun and potato chips. Those exceptions come through clear as a bell.


I've been fortunate. Between naval guns and tank main guns, I've got high pitched tinnitus, but my hearing is still quite good. An audiologist told me I've got a 3% hearing loss. I sometimes have trouble with the higher freqs in music, but am still able to enjoy it.

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