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What nightmare is this? Every fiber of my tanker being is cringing right now. This crew would have been cleared and elevated after the second engagement. Every instance of firing and then announcing "on the way" is an automatic disqualifying crew cut. The standard is that the gunner pulls the trigger on the Y in "way." Halfway through the vid, they also began to fire before "up" was announced, which is another disqualifying crew cut. "Up" means that the gun is armed, so it shouldn't even fire until you hear "up."They appear to be using "up" instead of "loaded." If the TC announces a change in ammunition, then the loader will announce "(round type) loaded." (And then the gunner would also come back with "(round type) indexed."

The first command we heard from the TC was "load sabot" which would indicate that the TC is also gunning the tank, as he is just telling the loader what to load next after the TC pulls the trigger. In that case, the TC wouldn't even announce "fire" since he is only telling himself to fire.

I was hoping for a neat video, but I'm going to have to give this a -4 out of four stars. I just had to go watch some of my own real gunnery videos to wash the stain of this one from my brain.


Don't hold back, Esli. :)

...I wonder what SWOs have to say about World of Warships...

LT Rusty

Speaking purely for myself and not for the rest of the SWO community, it's an absolute blast. Love it.

... of course I also have to admit that it's not the most purely accurate representation of SWO life.


Many, many, happy hours spent playing Steel Beasts. Never tried this game. I still haven't forked out for the "Pro"/latest version of Steel Beasts. Anyone know it its as good and/or fun as the original?


Steel beasts is nice. Loved the sound of the turret brakes when you traversed rapidly. One of my old gunners couldn't stop playing it. The tank company SOP that it came with was written by the guy who commanded my tank company a couple guys before I did.

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