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Awesome, as always. They don't get much better looking than this.


A LTC in SAC flew an RB-47 (!!!) under the Mackinac Straits Bridge back in the 50s. Story here: http://www.north-lights.com/Bridge/pilot.html

Interesting that this F-4 has gear down. Is that Golden Gate? Tacoma Narrows? Any more on the story behind this?

cheerio chuck


in the footsteps of a giant...

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Nice buzz job!!!


The low approach to NAS Alameda methinks.


I had a buddy in Germany on my sig site, that was an ex-marine avionics repairer, and he swears, there were some RF-4C pilots that did the Golden Gate, UPSIDE down, and had photo's of the underside of the bridge decking.

"Ranger Mark" Morgan

The shot's looking south as you can see Fort Point under the bridge, NAS Alameda was to the left.

One of my pilots in VT-86 flew an A-7 under the Golden Gate and got away with it. Said he claimed engine problems, hence the need to fly under the bridge vice over; can't recall if it was coming off a flight deck or followed a launch from KNGZ.

Really aggressive pilot, low-levels and ACM in the T-2C with him were always, uh, "entertaining."

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