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LT Rusty

This is pretty damning. Some people are in for a really rough ride, career-wise, after this. Though, it might turn out to be a boost for Leavenworth's volleyball team ...


What a disturbing mess. Truly makes you wonder how these guys would handle combat, when they fumble using the day-to-day stuff involved in driving the ship.

Jeff Gauch

Some of the blame for the McCain's collision rests on the drill team. I'm sure those watchstanders ran more loss of steering drills than they could count, but they never once trained on a screwed up console transfer. When the helmsman realized he couldn't steer the boat he announced loss of steering and away the watchteam went down the log flume.

Hopefully the inspection teams will start looking for more "horse, not zebra" casualties in the drill sets.


Put down the friggin' smart phones!


In every single ship I sailed on as 2nd or 3rd Mate, the procedure for loss of steering was taped to the helm console. In BIG FAT LETTERS. What you have here, is the result , in this case, of doing things by ROTE , AND too many people screaming and running in circles. Not a one of these guys , I'd wager, took 3 seconds to TROUBLESHOOT the problem. Because that's not how they train them


I always thought commands were repeated back so as to avoid that kind of screwup.

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