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Paul L. Quandt

I hope that they paid big bucks for it.

Paul L. Quandt


Do you know that money is coming from YOUR state taxes?
And probably from federal tax money also.
This is something else that Mr. Trump needs to look into to get rid of these programs.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

M-72 LAW I’d guess.


Empty AT-4 tube.


This Ain't Hell linked to a local ABC station with some truly unhinged sound bites.
Community leader Rudy Corpuz Jr., with United Playaz, said San Francisco took a big step toward being less violent.

"We got a bazooka off the streets. We got a cannon ball off the streets. We got assault rifles. We got everything that you can name that could destroy a whole universe and we get rid of them within hours," he told ABC7 News.
So. They not only got "assault rifles" {wince}, they got a cannon ball and apparently some stuff from Dr. Who or the Death Star, since it could destroy a whole universe.

...Maybe someone should ask Kevin Feige if this was a publicity stunt for next year's Avengers movie...

John Blackshoe

Photos show two VERY nice over under shotguns in pristine condition and two Ruger Service 6 revolvers in similar condition.

Wanna bet if criminals use these events as an opportunity to cash in on guns they stole from a legal owner? Wanna bet if the cops check the NCIC database to see if any are reported stolen and return them? A cynic might even question if the really nice ones make it back to the cop shop...


@John Blackshoe, I'm sure you're right

LT Rusty

John- this being California, you'd be surprised about how careful they are with the buyback stuff. It's documented all to hell and gone, and there's just about no chance that even the cops could get away with anything hinky.

Which is a shame, really, because these things are just gonna get torched up and melted down. :/


Y'all have a merry Christmas!


What careful? They paid good money for a useless fiberglass tube.

Someone at the buy-up wasn't paying attention...


QM, back atcha for you & yours! :)

USMC Steve

DACOTWATS is way overdue to go byebye. As for the "normalizing" of the military to the great unwashed out there in civilian land, NO. The military exists to inflict the will of our national leadership on other countries. What the public thinks of us is immaterial and unimportant. They don't serve, they live under the blanket of protection we provide. To make the military any less disciplined, any less aggressive, any less focused in the interest of social engineering is patently stupid and insane on its face. If the civilians want to know about the military, they can fucking enlist. Otherwise their opinions are mere unimportant smegma.

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