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I remember this cartoon. I saw it while deployed during nam, or was that later? Anyway, it always brought a smile to my face and heart when I read it.
Merry Christmass out there and who ever gets home for Christmass, welcome back to the world.

CTII Raven

Your USAF in action:


I did not know that the AF used coco for a fuel.
Merry Christmass one and all!!


Those tankers must be quite busy. I saw another cartoon refueling cartoon somewhere else.


@CTIIRaven. Am soooo stealing that for FB :)

George V

If Santa gets night cat shots, that means he had night traps also. Can't imagine how those reindeer feel when the tailhook on the sleigh catches a wire. Those harnesses must get mighty tight!

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happy Christmas.. and thanks..

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this cartoon is good thanks..

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To a joyful present and a well remembered past. Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a magnificent New Year.

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