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Paul L. Quandt

A good post, URR. Thanks.

Paul L. Quandt


In a sane 'verse, they all need to be hung on meathooks and set on fire....

Maybe settle for the utter obliteration of the entire RAT Party


Nixon was a basically decent man who was a very bad liar. His sin was covering for those who supported him because he was loyal to those that were loyal to him. Had Ford not pardoned him, I have no doubt Nixon would have ended up in prison.

I have no doubt that Obama and Hillary would be glad to help any number of people fall on their sword to stay out of prison themselves. If those two scum bags ended up as cellmates of those that supported them, it would not offend me in the least.


Call me naive, but this story has been quite a shock with regards to learning how corrupt the FBI is. Having worked, briefly, alongside DEA and BLM, I had little respect for them. ATF should be burned to the ground. I had hoped FBI was still okay, that their counter intelligence mandate would have separated/insulated them a bit more from political influence...clearly I was quite wrong. Very depressing.


KenH, since when is calling for someone's execution (before a trial, yet) a "sane" act? Much less hanging them on meat hooks and setting them on fire.

QM, I rarely disagree with you, but on what planet is that true of Nixon? He was involved in planning those break ins and other criminal acts up to his ears. Nixon relished the idea of getting back at his critics; remember the enemies list? Remember how his "plumbers" discussed the assassination of at least one DC political writer?

The only thing that betrayed Nixon was his own nature. His sin was that he was responsible for the commission of multiple felonies, and the attempted cover-up of said felonies, including obstruction of justice.

I used to think the nearest president to Obama was Wilson, but these days he reminds me more of Nixon.

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