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Paul L. Quandt

I think my unit's FDC had a FADAC, we never used it. Charts and darts were good enough for what we were doing.

Paul L. Quandt


Five cubic meters, he says. We’ve come a long way! Even my mortar ballistic computers in 1996 were maybe a quarter of a cubic meter.

Small enough that one of the sharpest NCOs in my mortar platoon could work gun data for one section with his left hand and gun data for the other section with his right hand, using two separate computers simultaneously. Oh, and he would excitedly dance while doing so.


Freddie! 5/11 at 29 Palms had a few they would drag out now and then before they were retired. Big, heavy, delicate pains in the ass.

"... much faster than present methods!" Not hardly. The front-end work was excessive and was not as fast as manual computation, and no more accurate, if all the MV/ammunition/survey data is known.

But, it was the first technical fire direction computer, and DID handle MET messages (PIBAL) relatively quickly. Other than that, the only thing I remember it doing well was setting mesquite bushes on fire because the damned thing burned so hot.

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