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The Air Force is going to want it's own rifle again. So will the Navy. Then the Coast Guard...

I probably wouldn't be near so bitter, but the M16A2 was the USMC's ideal rifle once, and not the gun the Army wanted...

This is a tail that needs to stop wagging the dog, because I can hear their pet Congressmen now, demanding the Army adopt the M27 too. As a cost saving measure, of course.


The M27 is based on the HK416, and both are more reliable as they use a short-stroke gas piston, as opposed to the AR-15 family's direct impingement system.


So having "stealthed" their way into getting a replacement for the M16/M4, can we get an LMG back into the fireteam before that stupidity bites us in the ass? Replacing the SAW with the IAR never made one bit of sense. The ruse is over, the IAR is now the rifleman's weapon, bring back the SAW or some LMG and end the charade.

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