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What a loss.

The funny thing is that, as an astronaut, he only “did his job” six times between 1965 and 1983.


I met him at the STS-1 anniversary party. Nice guy.


For what it's worth, he was a household name in my household! I watched the first Columbia launch live and knew Young and Crippen's history backward and forward in preparation for it. The first space shuttle launch was a BIG deal for this then-11-year-old wannabe astronaut. Like any knowledge acquired eagerly at that age, it never faded with time. I still have an old Guinness Book of Space Flight Records with all his entries underlined in pen.

Four capsule shots and two shuttle flights, pretty damn impressive. He was a legend, and I will mourn his passing.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Sail on Pathfinder. Thank you for your massive involvement in the space program beginning to end.


I remember the first flight of the STS quite well. An alumnus of Tenn Tech was in charge of the Microcomputers aboard the ship and the launch had to be scrubbed because of disagreement between them. That afternoon, a Faculty Member who also attended the Microrcomputer Association meetings to take up a collection to send him a Mailgram that said,

"The Problem is either in the hardware of the software."

He got it that evening when got home. He said he was feeling pretty low and it was a good pick-me-up.

I also remember Frank Reynolds on the broadcast saying in response to the news, "That has something to do with software, doesn't it?"

RIP Captain. Fair winds and following seas.

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