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I am reminded of an old sci-if novel (Niven?) where the quote was “The Fleet takes care of its own.”

Bravo Zulu to the Army for recognizing the heroism of these JROTC cadets



I saw another article that Peter Wang also received admissions to West Point, which a goal of his.


Outstanding on the Army and the JROTC Army Instructors that no doubt rattled some chains to make this happen.



SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

...never mind the JROTC Instructors who managed to teach these three about fight or flight. The last measure given.

Will Ford

We can be proud of their service, even though it was short and over to soon. And Grateful as should their people. GOD BLESS them

Paul L. Quandt

Thanks also to their parents for doing an outstanding job of bringing up such fine young people. I sorrow for their loss.

Paul L. Quandt


Actually it was Heinlin. And it was the opposite. They did a ‘danny deaver’ on a former member of the regiment. But the sentiment still holds.


Actually it was still also Heinlein, where a cadet, while on his combat cruise prior to commissioning, should he be KIA, his remains would be commissioned in his parent Regiment. I believe it was Birdie who was also awarded the "Wounded Lion".

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