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LT Rusty

That wasn't too shabby.

I like the clip of mine that you picked. That was a good battle. I was afraid you were going to take one of my "guest appearances" from last night, where I entered the battle and didn't even get a line before exiting, stage right.

Captain Ned

So, how many times have you been deleted?


Captain Ned, it's pretty rare, since I mostly drive Battleships. But back when I was grinding up the US cruiser line, it happened. Not always, but enough. I'm a very average player. You just get to see the good stuff.

Though I just had over half my HP wiped out in a single salvo in my New Mexico. Which, I was undetected, and the salvo was aimed at a Gniesenau next to me. The enemy's gunnery was so bad, he did about 30k damage on what he thought was going to be a complete miss.


oh boy... is that fiji... reversing?


It was. Briefly.


The amount of cits in that video is ridiculous. I'm still grinding away at the lower tiers right now, at co-op, as my strategy still sucks.

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