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LT Rusty

I came here from twitter expecting to see a sweet 1980's corporate job fair video about becoming an airline pilot. Very disappointing content. 2/10, would not watch again for a 9th time.


C'mon Rusty. You really expected Brad to post a recruiting vid for Delta Airlines?

Angus Mcthag

Damn. I need to start being nicer to the flight attendants.


I really don't see a point to Delta. Beckwith wanted something patterned after the British SAS, but the Army already the Green Beret who already fill the niche and who are also trained to work with Indig forces. The only substantial difference I see, and I might be wrong, is that SF is open to Infantry and one medical MOS, while you can be from anywhere and join Delta, as is true of the SAS.


The three traditional SF missions are Foreign Internal Defense (advising), Irregular/unconventional Warfare (support to insurgents), and direct action (blowing stuff up). Any MOS can attempt to try out for SF, but it is primarily filled with infantry. Currently, I believe most SF groups have an in extremis counter terrorism force designated just in case. The reason for Delta is solely and exclusively Counter Terrorism. As envisioned by Beckwith that was hostage rescue, airliner seizures etc. That was the threat back in the late 70s.

The impact of wars since 2002 has been largely neglect of FID and UW by SF, and movement into CT role (kill high value bad guys, not seizure of airliners, etc.). Meanwhile, Delta has also dumbed down their core proficiency at highly technical CT due to a high tempo of simplistic CT missions of killing/capturing high value bad guys. There is probably a lot of current overlap in this mission set in practice but not in original assigned skills and missions.

Another impact of the current wars is a fairly significant shift of the FID mission from SOF to conventional forces (except for training other nations’ SOF.) Hence the recent ongoing stand up of the army’s new security force assistance brigades. These are filled with experienced but conventional officers and NCOs that can do basic advisory missions, leaving SF to focus on other missions.

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