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Angus Mcthag

Did my annual toast.



A Guinness, for strength.

CTII Raven

6th anniversary of coming home from work, sitting down in my home office, clicking once* and going "OMG, NO!" and my wife coming running to the office to see tears running down my face and wondering why I was reacting to the death of someone I had never actually met in person, but considered a friend.

A toast for our friend, for courage!

*Then spending the better part of an hour clicking every mil blog and others attempting to find out more information. Instead finding posts articulated far above my ability


Tuttle was in the rock pile at the time and got the word before me. When I opened his email it was like getting punched in the gut.

Hard to believe it's been 6 years.

Paul L. Quandt

As with CTII Raven, my wife still does not understand my reaction to his death.

Thanks for the post.
Paul L. Quandt


My youngest still remembers it as the day "something on the computer made Dad really sad". The Lexicans website has been a real treasure, and I greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in keeping his writings online.

Old AF Sarge

Oddly enough my boss at the time understood completely after asking me why I seemed so distracted that day. When I told her why, she was really understanding. My youngest understood, others who never knew Lex? Not a clue.

It still hurts.

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