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Poland got some on their F-16s, obviously pre-aimed at Kaliningrad...


Will the LRASM be integrated with B-1 too?
Will make for fine hunting tool for Chinese CVs once those became commonplace...

CTII Raven

We have the answer to your question:

"According to the Pentagon, the allied weaponry included 19 new “Extended-Range” stealthy Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Attack Munitions launched by two B-1B bombers based out of Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar"


This is the land attack verion JASSM that was used this time.
How about antiship ones, the LRASM?

Ken Adams

ewok40k, no ship targets have been discussed, so LRASM would not be a valid choice here. Plus, it is still in testing and has not reached initial operating capability yet. Latest test was in March. https://news.lockheedmartin.com/2018-03-19-Lockheed-Martins-Long-Range-Anti-Ship-Missile-Marks-Sixth-Successful-Flight-Mission.


so it is in the works. good.
can't but imagine regimental formation of B-1s appearing near Chinese CV
what is the Mandarin for "Vampire! Vampire! Vampire!"?

LT Rusty

吸血鬼吸血鬼吸血鬼! 许多导弹入站。 拿着鸟!


R. Lee Ermey died and I'm shocked you had no comment.


I remember a couple of bombers gratuitously flying through airspace that did not belong to them to unload some CALCMs at Iraq. A number of them fell off the B52s and just dropped into the Persian Gulf. It was an eye opening experience of everybody scrambling to show relevance and it did. In a very bad way. Shortly after that a crew loaded a few nuclear missiles on a B52 and flew it to Barksdale where, they left the nukes sitting under the wings and went to the bar.

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