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Paul L. Quandt

Thanks, the A-10 has long been a favorite of mine. I enjoyed the clip very much.

Thanks for the post.
Paul L. Quandt


Was stationed at Davis Monthan when the A-10 was rolled out. My unit, the 83TCF (FACP) was in a hanger off to the far side of the runway, all by our lonesome. One morning, just as the sun was coming up, a Fairchild test pilot put on an air show on our side of the the base. I wandered out a few hundred yards, until I was directly underneath where he was wringing the A10 out.
He would come straight down, pull hard at the bottom, low enough to kick up sand and tumbleweeds into my coffee.....Then go straight back up, while rolling 360....rinse, and repeat. I could clearly see his white helmet on the way down, even as he rolled around the planes axis.
I had no idea the climb rate was so good, even if he was clean, and likely very light on fuel.
Thanks for the great site.


"...was changed to a new pilot and fuel every four missions."
"...turnaround time was less than twenty minutes when both fueling and arming were required."
Each aircraft flew 17 missions from sunrise to sunset.
Target was 60 nm away.
The test took place in 1977.

How anyone can seriously think the A-10 can be replaced by the F-35, B-1, or any other current aircraft is beyond my understanding.


Lifespan on these "modern" aircraft is amazing. This test was forty years ago and it's still going strong. Obviously not B52 longevity yet, but still.

Picture pretty much anything from even 1945 hanging on in 1985.

On the other hand, It seems like I've essentially seen the F22 and F35 be the only new aircraft to roll out in my entire adult life! Borrring!

CTII Raven

Elsi, the first production C-130 was built in 1955
The one that crashed a couple days ago was just 10 years younger

The USAF, after keeping the Es and H1s flying forever, is now dumping the legacy 130s as fast as they can in favor of the Js

I think the only legacy birds in the AD force are the U boats and possibly a few CTIIs plus a few other strays

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