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Making it look easy! Nice aggressive play.

LT Rusty

Thanks! That was a fun battle. I really enjoy taking Kamikaze out.

A lot of people think it's an overpowered ship, but the biggest part of success in that battle had nothing to do with me or with the ship: I was spotted for almost half the battle, but almost nobody actually tried to kill me.

The Omaha put some effort into it, but he was getting beaten down so badly already that he didn't have the time to make it happen.

The Wyoming that I killed? I was spotted for him and he had clear shots on me for almost a full minute, at least, and he knew I was coming for him... but still didn't try to kill me.

I got a 7-kill Kraken a couple days ago. We'll have to see if I can get that one rendered and put up online, too. :D

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