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I guess my random tree pic from the other day got you thinking....


Knowing a lot and being smart are two different things. We know more today than Sir Isaac Newton, but there are few men who have had the smarts he had.

My son thought I was a dummy, then he went to Engineering School. Then I started getting phone calls.

One phone call is probably on file with NSA as were discussion demolition of a building and where I would place the charges to bring the building down on itself.

Jaedo Drax

They are "no-nothings". Try to explain to them that the best demolition company in the world took more than 6 months to rig a 26 story building, and its a very invasive project, but magically, the government can do the same over a weekend, and no one notices... (one of these people was an architect)

there are people who want to learn and understand, but there is a larger contingent that is quite willing to travel through life "willfully or maliciously stupid".

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