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Wow, though I read this article with different eyes as a pending IG myself. The results of an army IG investigation cannot be used for adverse action, though some other services can do so. I hope that's the case with the navy.


IIRC The First CSMA (Command Sergeant Major of the Army) got caught up in the vietnam era NCO club corruption. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_O._Wooldridge


Oh noes!! Esli is going to the dark side.


IGs scare me. During an IG inspection the inspector looked at my open wall locker for 3 seconds, then reached in and pulled out one of my gloves which had a hole worn in the index finger. Without a word he handed me the glove and moved on.

To this day I think IGs have unnatural powers. Please, sir, do not cross over to the dark side.


Wasn't voluntary. After 29 years, I decided to do an assignment where my wife wanted. She wanted "Europe." Three of ten options started or ended with "IG" and i got one of them. I'm told that they are the loneliest letters in the alphabet. However, the school has successfully propagandized me into believing that IGs are essential to the army, so here I go.


Sounds like my current boss, Esli. He left the Navy at E-6. Spent at least one tour at TOPGUN (if memory serves he was a weapons guy) and made Sailor of the Year one year. Got his choice of assignments and he picked Nashville because his wife's family lived there.

I know he worked with A-4s and F/A-18s. Don't recall if he worked with F-14s or not. I don't want to pester him about his Navy career all the time.


Esli- My Unit Admin in the National Guard said the worst letters in the alphabet are I and G. My father had IG inspections twice while was a MSgt at both the DFACs he ran for USAF. He did well in both, but hated them nonetheless.

I still laugh when I think of the scene in "12 O'clock High" where general Pritchard is raving at Savage about grafting an IG to his butt. That's the movie not the TV series.

CTII Raven

12 O'clock High was an excellent movie and a good leadership (wrong & correct way) training aid.

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