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*Snort* LOL. Lost for 24 hrs. with ground and airborne searchers. That is a thorough job of lost.

Is that a record?


Butter bar wannabe's lost on a land-nav course, doesn't bode good for the troops, they'll eventually command.


Prospective 2Lts with a map.

I'm guessing there was some terrain feature, or even civilization, that one could strike by taking a compass course and sticking to it. Getting a mite confused, as Daniel Boone expressed, is one thing. There is no excuse for getting "lost."


I have not been there in 38 years, so it has to more improved now, I was with two other sergeants that verified the land nav course back in the day prior to an EIB qualifications. Also the area has those flat brown things called dirt roads. How can you get lost on the East Range in daylight,the article stated they did not return by noon. Then, I am assuming you have a map and a compass and you know how to use each or are they using GPS now. Then again we are talking about almost 2 LTs, we never had a PV2 newbee do that.


Let's see now. Two college students,lost in the jungle for 24 hours, within a 6 square mile box, while being searched for.... I'm gonna be guessing some hanky panky may have been the root cause of the extended "being lost" situation...

Wink wink, nudge nudge...

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