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I now know 16 minutes more about the Gamma Goat than I did 17 minutes ago, except the story of the name. Surprisingly interesting video.

I have to laugh when he says the light switch has not, and will not, change because we started putting a sort of push-button light switch in the HMMWVs a few years ago. I assume it has gone into other trucks as well, but not sure.

Eric (The OC Tanker)

The Gama Pig. Drove the MEDIVAC version way back in 1975-76 wile assigned to HHC 1-70 Armor at Ft Carson. Your only hope was to be hurt enough to get a dust off. Ground evac can and was hazardous to your health.

Angus Mcthag

I still remember the neighboring engineer company trying to get the "trailer" back on one.

Apparently it comes right off and doesn't go back on without special tools.


Being a Signal Puke in fixed station, we didn't have them, but I seem to recall being told that before fording or swimming operations, the rear cargo bay drop ramp seal, also had to be checked for rot, cracks, pinches so the rear bay wouldn't fill with water causeing a sunken goat. Don't know if it's true or not, but people with goats, really hated the beast. Almost as much as the infamous mule


Had goats with a 4.2 mortar platoon. Loud as hell but could go anywhere. We sat on the passenger side fender in warm weather to get a head start if it was going to roll over. Never tried to swim one. Love hate relationship. The Dodge pickups were useless.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Gamma Scrot also air delivery capable and quite the experience rigging one for airdrop.

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