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Angus Mcthag

I didn't eject, but I got to ride in a GRU-7(A) thanks to my dear-departed uncle.

Rick Morgan

The EA-6B ejection PLAT tape at the start is the one I was involved with- VAQ-139 161351 off Connie, October 1984.

Captain Ned

What happens when the same thing occurs off the bow cats? Can't be good, I'd think.

CTII Raven

Bad cat shot Rick?


Arresting gear engine was not properly set.

Captain Ned

Ah, so got the trap and chopped throttle, only to run out of deck.

Rick Morgan

We hit the 3-wire whose A/G engine was turned off due to multiple errors below deck. The wire provided such un-even tension that the tailhook was sheared off. The pilot was at MRT but we'd slowed to about 90kts before going off the angle. All three ECMOs were up for flight the next day; the pilot hit the water in his ejection seat and was nearly killed. It was his second ejection in 18 months, neither his fault. Although pretty badly messed up he recovered remarkably well and lives in Albuquerque now.


A full ride is better than a parial ride. https://theaviationist.com/2014/08/06/ka-6d-partial-ejection/

Somebody left the starwheel on.

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