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Interesting just how hard those things are to see given all the lighting in the area. No reflections at all. Cool.


Any one know what that was all about?


160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment is conducting urban training in downtown Los Angeles this week. They've previously done it in various other US cities.


Amazing how they all managed to land behind trees...

I can't say I'd want to be the last one in; plenty of time for lots of people to rally to the sound of the guns, so to speak.

I'm curious why the last one in came with a different profile and lights on, but still picked up a full load.

SFC (R) Blizzard

what happened to the articles on this site?


For health reasons, typing a lot is getting to be very difficult for me. For that matter, most of what I felt I had to say, I said in the first 8 years of the blog.

If you think you have something worthwhile to contribute, I'm very happy to accept contributions.

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